Professional Growth

Time & Stress Management: From Mowing the Lawn to Watching the Grass Grow


This brief course is designed for disability service professionals (transcribers, interpreters, coordinators, others) or for anyone wishing to improve their time, task, and stress management skills. The course offers several basic but vital principles and some practical advice.

The course is set up in three modules and includes quizzes and tests/reflections that will help reinforce the learner’s memory of key points.

ELIGIBILITY: Anyone can sign up for this course.

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90 mins | 30 days to complete | Developed by Kevin Hadduck

Closed Captioning: N/A

  • How this course works
  • Module 1 - Why Watch the Grass Grow?
  • Watching the Grass Grow--Module I
  • Module I Quiz
  • Module I Reflection
  • Module I Optional Readings
  • Module II - Mowing the Lawn: Improving Your Efficiency
  • Watching the Grass Grow--Module II
  • Why Context Switching Ruins Productivity (Trello blog)
  • Course Progress Update
  • Creating Efficient Work Sessions
  • Module II Quiz
  • Module II Assignment
  • Module III - Mowing the Lawn: Schedule-Building Essentials
  • Watching the Grass Grow--Module III
  • Module III Reflection
  • Module III Quiz
  • Satisfaction Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed