Skill Assessment

Skill Assessment: ENG200

A Skill Assessment is a way to gauge a transcriber's ability to capture spoken content in clear, accurate written English. This service is designed for transcribers with at leat 1 year of experience. The transcriber will listen to and transcribe an audio lecture, and then upload the completed transcript for evaluation.

This particular Skill Assessment is based on a 200-level college English lecture. A team of trained evaluators will score your transcript and return qualitative rankings for the following areas:

- rate of content captured
- quality of message content
- English grammar usage
- formatting for readability

PLEASE NOTE: This web-based version of our Skill Assessment is designed for non-TypeWell users, such as C-Print captionists or other real-time communication access providers who do NOT use TypeWell software. If you are a TypeWell transcriber, you should complete the desktop version of the Skill Assessment by clicking the Train menu in your V7 Transcriber software program.


Closed Captioning: N/A

  • Terms & Conditions
  • How This Works
  • Audio Set-Up
  • Adjusting the Volume
  • Orientation
  • Preparing Your Work Area
  • Audio Confirmation
  • Warm-Up Instructions
  • Warm-Up Instructions (continued)
  • Warm-Up Lecture
  • Done With Warm-Up
  • Set Up Scored Transcript File
  • Instructions
  • Instructions (continued)
  • Proctor Verification
  • Permanently Delete File
  • Congratulations!
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed